Hi!! Welcome to WILLOWS.

We are a mixed class of Year 5 and Year 6 children, who have a healthy mindset towards learning.  We are passionate and enthusiastic about both indoor and outdoor learning.  The amazing adults in Willows are Ms Elmahdi and Mrs Qureshi as well as special guest Mrs Mullin, (who is always around to step in and help when needed).


Willows have started the new term with an initial PSHE, ‘Inside Out’ theme then a Dinosaur topic to follow.

Inside Out Theme

 Willows have discussed, ‘What makes a healthy and happy relationship’, starting with their own well-being. We debated and explored feelings and the impact they have on ourselves and others.  The need to listen and respond respectfully, to feel confident to raise their own concerns, to recognise and care about other people’s feelings and try to see and respect others’ points of view.  We described the range and intensity of their feelings to others and how to manage complex or conflicting emotions. We spoke about the importance of health and wellbeing in particular the significance of sleep.  Willows discussed their rights as children and their responsibilities as individuals.  Within Literacy we used the book ‘A huge bag of worries’ to explore the need to talk to others about our feelings and predicting a story.

Dinosaur Topic

The dinosaur topic started with the exploration of rocks and fossils.  We hooked the children in, with an experiment and investigated jelly snakes to make predictions and use the word ‘permeable’.  We expanded this learning to rocks and looked at different rocks and their properties, then this took us to fossils. We were fortunate to have a Dinosaur Workshop, where we were able to handle different types of fossils from different eras and regions. 

Willows explored the events that led to the time of the dinosaurs, the different types of dinosaurs and will look at the different theories of how the dinosaur period may have ended. We have used the book ‘The Street beneath my Feet’ in Literacy to explore grammar and are at present, looking at newspapers. We hope to write independent articles on Mary Anning before October half term.


Please use these external links to find out more about our theme: 





At school children have access to several educational games and one of these games, is Sumdog a free game which motivates students to practice Maths.  The program tailors questions to each student’s individual needs.  To play, each child will be given their own, unique log in and password which they can use at home as well.


We have also introduced the children to Mathletics and a log-in has been sent home.  At present, in Maths, the school follow the White Rose Math, parents can access the website.  You can find a range of resources for free, access to a range of teaching power points and if needed, a home learning platform.  We are at present looking at number, addition and subtraction. Why not practice your mental Maths, times tables through the following games:





This term in Religious World Views we are looking at ‘Why people believe in God.’ Willows have discussed the meaning of agnostic, theist and atheist explored why people may or may not believe in God, respecting others’ points of view.


Willows have enjoyed Forest Schools and immersed themselves in imaginative play and worked together as a team by building together and helping each other to succeed in different activities. They cooperated and celebrated each other’s success.  We are proud of their successful resolution of problems and their mature attitude.


On Tuesdays we will have PE with the Sophie SSCo, she is a brilliant PE coach and we look forward to orienteering sessions with her.