Autumn Term 2020

There are 3 members of staff in Sycamores this year. Miss Harrison is the class teacher and Mrs Atkins and Miss Williams are the Teaching Assistants.

Our first topic for the autumn term was “Inside Out”. This topic was an opportunity for us to get to know the children. They have told us about themselves, who they live with and the people who are important to them. We have done lots of PSHCE, talking about our emotions and how we like to learn. We have watched the film and discussed how our feeling affect the way we are in school.

Our next topic is “Dinosaurs”. This is a Science led topic where we will find out about where dinosaurs came from. We will be researching the different species of Dinosaurs and finding out about how they were adapted to their habitats.. We will also look at “Survival of the fittest” and finding out characteristics are passed on from animals to their offspring.

In English we will learn about similes and using them to describe. We will also be doing some report writing about Dinosaurs. We will look at Dinosaur Poetry and have a go at writing some of our own.

In Maths we will be covering Place Value and addition and subtraction.

In Art we will design and paint our own dinosaur habitat. We will also be baking sponge portraits and using edible items to create our unique features.

In PE we are doing Swimming and Games lessons which will be looking at invasion games..

Another busy term to look forward to with plenty of interesting learning challenges and opportunities to work together as a team.