The Governing Board has 3 main meetings – one per term.

The sub committees also meet once per term:

 Autumn Term 2020

Steering Group – Wednesday 9th September 2020 @ 4.45pm

Resources – Wednesday 23rd September 2020 @ 5pm

Teaching and Learning – Wednesday 14th October 2020 @ 4.45pm

Full Governing Board Meeting  – Wednesday 11th November 2020 @ 5pm

Spring Term 2021

Steering Group – Wednesday 13th January 2021 @ 4.45pm

Resources  – Wednesday 27th January 2021 @ 5pm

Teaching & Learning – Wedneday 3rd February 2021 @ 4.45pm

Full governing Board Meeting – Wednesday 10th March 2020 @ 5pm

Summer Term  2021

Steering Group – TBC

Resources  – TBC

Teaching & Learning – TBC

Full Governing Board Meeting – Wednesday 7th July 2020 @ 5pm

Attendance at Governing Board Meetings/Committees

Governors attend several meetings throughout the year, depending which committee they are appointed to.  The meetings are:-

Resources, Teaching and Learning, Steering Group and Full Governing Board meeting.  Each of these are held every term and attendance at these meetings are shown below.

Attendance at Governing Board Meetings

Attendance at meetings

Attendance at meetings