Declaration of Business Interest

Surname Forename Position in School Name of Company / Organisation Nature of Interest Date Form Signed
Metcalfe Robert Headteacher Non Declared   27.11.19
Scroggie Eloise Chair of Governors Non Declared   27.11.19
Hammersley Helen Deputy Headteacher Non Declared   27.11.19
Clack Michael Chair of Resources Governor at 2 other schools   27.11.19
Cush Liz Bursar Non Declared   27.11.19
Partridge Diane Chair of Teaching & Learning  Non Declared   12.09.18
Braithwaite Janette Associate Governor Non Declared   03.12.19
Lowe Steve Co-opted Governor  Non Declared   27.11.19
Watson Katherine Co-opted Governor Non Declared   15.11.17
Eadie Helen Parent Governor Non Declared   03.12.19