About the Governors

Welcome to Oakgrove Special School Governing Board

Oakgrove is a school for which the Governing Board are proud to serve and appreciate the commitment of all the staff.

School governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. No special qualification is required but enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are import qualities to bring to a governor’s role. All governors are volunteers.

The Governing Board of Oakgrove School is:

Name Governor Position/committee Term of office
Eloise Scroggie LA Governor Chair of GB 01.01.18 – 31.12.21
Rob Metcalfe    Headteacher  
 Helen Hammersley   Deputy Headteacher  
Michael Clack  Co-opted Governor  Chair of Resources 13.03.19 – 12.03.23
 Diane Partridge  Co-opted Governor Chair of T & L Committee 05.11.18 – 04.11.22
 Liz Cush  Co-opted Governor  Bursar/Resources 10.06.19 – 09.06.23
 Steve Lowe  Co-opted Governor Vice Chair and Resources Committee 11.11.19 – 10.11.23
Janette Braithwaite  Associate Governor Head of Behaviour Support Service 01.09.16 – 31.08.20
Helen Eadie
Co-opted Governor
T & L Committee
22.03.21- 21.03.25
Lauren Salkeld
Co-opted Governor
11.11.20 –
Charlie Winstanley
Co-opted Governor
10.03.21 –
Julie Isted
Co-opted Governor
10.03.21 – 09.03.25
Caroline Brandreth
Staff Governor
13.01.21 – 
Stephen Wolstenholme
Parent Governor
10.03.21 – 

Governor Responsibilities

Chair of Governors – Eloise Scroggie

Vice Chair of Governors – Steve Lowe

Chair of Resources – Michael Clack

Chair of Teaching & Learning – Diane Partridge

Pay Committee – Steve Lowe, Eloise Scroggie, Michael Clack

Pay appeals Committee – Diane Partridge, Helen Eadie

Diversity Governor – 

Safeguarding Governor – Eloise Scroggie

Health & Safety Governor – Eloise Scroggie

SEN Governor – Michael Clack

Pupil Premium Governor – Steve Lowe

ICT Governor – Steve Lowe

Pupil Voice Governor – Eloise Scroggie, Steve Lowe

LAC/Young Carers Governors – 

Development Governor – Steve Lowe

Medical Governor – Michael Clack

Parental Links & Parent Development Governor – Helen Eadie 

Wellbeing Governor – Helen Eadie 

Wellbeing Co-ordinator – Helen Hammersley